• Before first use, heat up the pizza stone, sprinkle it with salt and allow it to be absorbed for approximately 15 minutes (the stone extracts humidity). Repeat this process occasionally if you use the pizza and bread stone frequently.
  • Place the cold pizza stone in the centre of the barbecue grate. If the position is not optimal, lift the stone and reposition it. You should not move the pizza stone, as this could cause the grate to get damaged.
  • Preheat the pizza stone for 15-20 minutes on level 2.



  • Leave the pizza stone to cool. Remove the crusts and residue from the cold pizza stone with a grill brush (scraper) or a dry cloth. Please note that the pizza stone is subject to wear and tear, which will become visible over time when the pizza stone is used. Do not clean the pizza stone with or under running water. Store the pizza stone in a dry and protected place.



  • You can easily use the pizza stone on both sides.



  • Always wear barbecue gloves to touch the accessories when using them on the barbecue. Do not place the pizza stone on flammable or heat-sensitive surfaces when it is hot.
  • The pizza stone is NOT suitable for cooking frozen products!