• Before you start with cleaning, set the temperature regulator to ‘off’ and then set the master switch to ‘O’. Remove the mains plug from the plug socket and leave the barbecue to cool completely.
  • Wipe down the heating element with a slightly damp cloth only, and then dry it with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any sharp or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents to clean the electric kettle barbecue.
  • Clean the grate with a grill brush with brass bristles (not steel bristles). Do not use any sharp objects or aggressive cleaning agents. Wash out the grease drip tray with soapy water.
  • Most of the fat will evaporate or drip onto the aluminium protective foil and so it is drained off into the grease drip tray. You should therefore replace the aluminium protective foil on the EASY REFLECT on a regular basis – at the latest when it is covered with fat residues.
  • Use a nylon sponge and some soapy water in order to remove all of the loose residue. You can also use an oven cleaner.



  • Never immerse the barbecue and heating elements with a power cable in water or clean them under running water. Prevent the electrical components from coming into any contact with water.
  • A clean aluminium protective foil significantly encourages the lower heat, and therefore achieves better results on the barbecue!
  • Leave the barbecue to properly burn off on level 6 after each thorough clean, as most oven cleaners have a strong smell.



  • When using the BARBECUE CLEANER, it is important that the barbecue is not in operation while you are cleaning. Wear gloves to protect your hands and, if possible, wear goggles. Spray the barbecue or the accessories thoroughly while they are still slightly warm and leave the spray to take effect for 15-30 minutes. Spray dirty surfaces again, rinse thoroughly with water and leave to dry.