The flank steak is an absolute favourite amongst experienced barbecue fans. If you follow this trend without keeping yourself informed you could end up disappointed – as there are significant differences from one product to another when it comes to flank steaks and there are even small pitfalls when it comes to the preparation. We show you in the video what you need to be aware of when choosing the meat and in the preparation of the meat so that your first flank steak will also be a real treat.


As a bit of background: the flank steak comes from the belly of the cow, which needs to withstand heavy loads. The rumen, heart and other innards press down on the muscle of the flank steak due to the force of gravity from above, making its fibres correspondingly stable. At a culinary level the stability manifests itself into a hearty bite, which can lead to a chewy experience in certain circumstances. However, by following the four tips in the video, you can ensure that your choice of cut and your preparation will maximise the tenderness and flavour of your flank steak.