Think of shrimps and you immediately conjure up images of tropical climes and the South Seas – where shrimps have always thrived in the greatest numbers. In recent years, however, a questionable form of shrimp farming has developed, especially in Asia. However, to get around this problem, there is no longer any need to travel to Asia to inspect the farming conditions first-hand. Instead, companies have now established themselves in Europe that use artificial tropical conditions to farm shrimps in compliance with European food standards – these shrimps are often much healthier and more sustainable than their brethren from Asian farms.


We picked up some local shrimps and cooked them on the Oudoorchef Arosa along with a side dish with a distinctly tropical flavour. The shrimps were accompanied by mango and asparagus skewers, which we barbecued together with the shrimps using a clever skewering technique. We even used the skewers as a heat shield to ensure that the grilled crustaceans produced a particularly juicy result.